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Flounder Meatloaf

Flounder is a high-energy bengal cat who has a passion for learning new things. She began her training when she was only a few months old, learning how to target. From there, she learned how to give high fives, and her training has snowballed since then. She currently knows over 30 behaviors which include backflips, “cover your eyes”, foot stalls, jump through arms, and more! Being the diverse kitty that she is, her training is supplemented with adventures where she goes to the beach, goes on boat rides, swims in the ocean, paddle boards, and explores nature preserves. She of course is leash trained and backpack trained and has the purrfect “heel” and recall. 

Flounder’s button journey began when she was a little bit over a year old, with her first words being “outside” and “play”. From there, she has expanded on her vocabulary and she currently has 30 words and counting, with her most pressed button being “Now”. 

Flounder’s training can be separated into 3 parts which is definitely recommended for all animals who are button training to enhance the bond between you and your pet which leads to more want for them to communicate with you. The 3 parts are behavior training, adventure training, and button training.